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Couple revealing their past makes for 'The Big Sick'

"The Big Sick" is the story of a Pakistani-American stand-up comedian, not unlike the film's star Kumail Nanjiani, who falls for a spunky woman from North Carolina, just like Nanjiani's real-life wife Emily V. Gordon. The romantic comedy follows a storyline of how the pair meet-cute, face a deadly health issue and discover there's no real obstacle big enough to stop two people in love. That's both what happens in the film and what occurred in the life of the writers. But despite all the parallels, Nanjiani feels better describing the new movie as "being inspired" by their real story.

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A new hope for Han Solo film?

It's official: Oscar-winning director Ron Howard is taking over the reins of Lucasfilm's Han Solo "Star Wars" spinoff. Whether that's a win for fans or the mark of a troubling turn to the dark side for the 40-year-old franchise remains to be seen.

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Movie review: 'The Bad Batch' has good look, but dull story

Director-writer Ana Lily Amirpour's first feature, "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night" from 2014, was such an original, revelatory vision – a hallucinatory vampire story set in an otherworldly mashup of California and Iran shot in a luminescent black and white – that it set the bar impossibly high for what she decided to do next. Sadly, her latest, "The Bad Batch" doesn't come close to clearing that hurdle.

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Movie review: 'Letters From Baghdad' tells fascinating story of Gertrude Bell

Before ancient Mesopotamia was transformed into 20th-century Iraq, the extraordinary British diplomat, mountaineer, archaeologist and spy Gertrude Bell was working to carve up the Middle East into principalities that Europe could comfortably control. She and her compatriot, T.E. Lawrence, helped arm the Arab rebellion against the Ottoman Turks, cheering the cause of an independent Arab state. Lawrence, of course, became the subject of the Oscar-winning "Lawrence of Arabia." Now there's "Letters From Baghdad" in which filmdom finally pays heed to the fascinating, adventurous, intriguing character of Bell, the very antithesis of demure womanhood in Victorian England.

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Movie review: 'Wakefield' hits a lot of wrong notes

"Wakefield" is a symphony of wrong notes. For one, the star is Bryan Cranston, who always seems to be trying hard to force it in every performance. Here he plays Howard Wakefield, a prominent lawyer spiked with bile, who comes to his lovely suburban home after work and suffers one doozy of a midlife crisis. Rather than greeting his lovely wife (Jennifer Garner) and two teen daughters, he hides in the attic of the sizable detached garage. Spying on his family from a small window, he feels less and less attached, prolonging his absence to banish them from his life and escape from theirs.

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ABACUS: SMALL ENOUGH TO JAIL. 3 stars. Manhattan DA mounts a shaky mortgage fraud case against a family-run Chinatown bank, gets more than he bargained for from close-knit Chinese-American family. From director Steve James ("Hoop Dreams"). 1 hr. 30 No MPAA rating (adult themes) – Gary Thompson

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