Health & Family

Parents @ Play: The art of science meets the science of art

Anyone who loves – or even just appreciates – science will tell you that there's something beautiful about it. At the same time, those who love – or even just appreciate – art, often admire the technique and scientific precision that can go into creating a masterpiece. This week we had a chance to experience several engaging products that blur the lines between art and science.

Food & Drink

Blueberries play supporting role for lemon bars

The best lemon bars strike a perfect balance: They’re both sweet and tangy, their sharp, creamy centers anchored by a crisp, buttery crust. My desert-island dessert, they’re the one confection I can imagine eating ad infinitum – or, at least until the rescue plane arrives.

Kittens cuddle travelers at airport

Ten kittens charmed hundreds of passengers traveling through Charlotte Douglas International Airport.