David Murphy: Markelle Fultz remains Sixers’ defining question

There are two different questions regarding Markelle Fultz. The first is whether he will ever become a playoff-caliber NBA starter. The second is whether he will ever become the brand of playoff-caliber starter that a team like the Sixers needs to complete its unique young nucleus. From a semantic point of view, that might seem a subtle distinction. But from the point of view of the Sixers' reality on the court, it is nothing less than defining.


Trail Blazers unveil jersey sponsorship

The Portland Trail Blazers have announced a multi-year jersey sponsorship deal with Performance Health, an Illinois-based company that manufactures products for the rehabilitation and sports medicine markets.

Kemba Walker disappointed with Charlotte Hornets’ season: ‘I expected a lot more’

Charlotte Hornets star Kemba Walker, a two-time NBA All-Star, was not happy how the 2017-18 season unfolded for the team. But on a personal level, the season was "very satisfying."