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Interview with former Carolina Panthers WR Rae Carruth

Former Carolina Panthers receiver Rae Carruth said in his phone interview that he has changed from the young NFL player he was when he was originally convicted. “Back then, I was very immature,” he said. “Very self-centered.” He said he has found God in prison and wants to be involved in his son’s life.

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Panthers' Rae Carruth talks: He wants to raise the son he tried to kill

Rae Carruth has spent the last seventeen years of his life behind bars. In 2001, the star Carolina Panthers wide-receiver was convicted of charges related to the murder of Cherica Adams, a beautiful 24-year-old who was seven months pregnant with his child. She was shot four times while driving her BMW by someone Carruth hired to pull the trigger. He talked to WBTV in an exclusive interview.